Science Outreach:
Most of my science outreach initiatives are associated with my time as the Program Coordinator of Let's Talk Science at the University of Toronto at Mississagua's campus. As coordinator, most of my time was consumed with supervising approximately 80 graduate and undergraduate volunteers and developing two ambitious outreach projects. 

Green Your Scene: The GreenRoof Project
I designed, developed, taught and secured long-term funding for an activity that used the scientific method to teach school children the environmental and social benefits of green roof technology. School children produced their own soil through a school-wide composting program, selected and grew their plants for the roof, and monitored the environmental parameters on a control and green roofed structure of their design. Read a detailed description of the activity or see some of our media attention from Mississauga News and the National Lets's Talk Science Office

The GreenRoof Project was funded through a $50,000 grant provided by AMGEN Canada

The Atlantic Salmon Classroom Hatchery Program
I tripled the size of the Atlantic Salmon Classroom Fish Hatchery Program at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. In this activity, school children are provided a 40 gallon Atlantic Salmon hatchery and participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate important ecological principles. Students care for and then release Atlantic Salmon fry into the tributaries of Lake Ontario. To bring the Atlantic Salmon Classroom Hatchery Program to more schools, especially in rural and remote communities, I also oversaw the development of an interactive website that broadcast images of the developing salmon. In the first year of operation over 1100 students visited the website. 
Read more about the program here or see some of our media attention in newspapers and CityTV

Over three years, I was able to expand the program by fundraising approximately $80,000 from NSERC Promoscience, local conservation agencies, the University of Toronto at Mississauga and local businesses. 

I've also created a number of less ambitious but popular hands-on science outreach projects. 
  1. They're weird, they're wonderful... and kinda gross: A live demonstration of various insects
  2. What beats within?!?!?: Human physiology and circulatory system demonstration 

University Service:
  1. R Workshop, Organizer and Instructor: 2011
  2. Let's Talk Science (UofT Mississauga)Program Coordinator: 2008-2010
  3. Graduate Student Association, Vice-President: 2009-2010
  4. Biology Executive Committee, Graduate Student Representative: 2008-2010
  5. Graduate Student Association, Department Representative: 2008-2009
  6. Graduate Student Association, Social Coordinator: 2008-2009
  7. Graduate Student Experience Committee, Graduate Student Representative: 2008-2009
  8. University of Toronto Library Committee, Graduate Student Representative: 2008-2009
  9. Tri-Campus Chair Search Committee, Graduate Student Representative: 2008
  10. Let's Talk Science (UofT Mississauga), Volunteer Program Coordinator:  2007-2008
  11. Let's Talk Science (UofT Mississauga), Volunteer: 2007-2008

Community Service:
  1. Ontario StreamsBoard Member: 2006 - 2008.
  2. American Fisheries Society (Ontario Chapter), Volunteer: 2008