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R Instructor update (Android and iOS) released.

posted Jul 7, 2013, 8:58 PM by Shidan Murphy
The latest update of R Instructor has been released. The new content is listed below. Enjoy.

Jobs board, News and Blogs
- Changes to R v3.0.  

Data summarization:
- Transpose function
- Reshape function, wide to long datasets
- Reshape function, long to wide datasets

Statistical tests:
- Discriminant function analysis
- Redundancy analysis

Plotting Section:
- Box plot, line style alterations
- Box plot, line width alterations
- Box plot, plot labels
- Box plot, axis labels
- Box plot, horizontal and vertical orientations
- Box plot, estimate significance of the median
- Box plot, whisker length
- Box plot, box width (proportional to sample size and relatively to other box plots)
- Box plot, remove outliers
- Box plot, outlier style
- Box plot, outlier size
- Box plot, add a box plot to another plot
- Box plot, fill color of a box plot's outline
- Box plot, fill color of a box plot

- Bar plot, beside vs stacked
- Bar plot, add bar shading
- Bar plot, change the shading angle
- Bar plot, set bar width
- Bar plot, set bar spacing
- Bar plot, add group names
- Bar plot, add labels or titles
- Bar plot, add a legend
- Bar plot, outline color of a bar plot
- Bar plot, fill color of a bar plot

- Histogram, add shading
- Histogram, add bar labels (counts of observations)
- Histogram, specify break points
- Histogram, specify end points (left or right)
- Histogram, add axis and plot titles
- Histogram, outline color of a histogram
- Histogram, fill color of a histogram

- Line Chart, line width
- Line Chart, line style
- Line Chart, line color

- Scatter plot, point outline width (re-done)
- Scatter plot, change point shape (re-done)
- Scatter plot, alter point size (re-done)

- Add or alter text, alignment
- Add or alter text, change color
- Add or alter text, font
- Add or alter text, size
- Add or alter text, rotation
- Add or alter text, style

Consolidated content and improved:
- "Add, alter lines or points"
- "Add Color to..."