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Final Call [Updated]

posted Aug 19, 2012, 8:09 AM by Shidan Murphy   [ updated Aug 26, 2012, 5:07 PM ]
Thanks to all those who offered suggestions for new subject material, I've just about finished incorporating them into the latest version of R Instructor for the iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch. This is the last call -- if you want something included in the next update send me an email,

[EDIT, Aug 26, 2012] The latest version of R Instructor (v. 1.5) has just been submitted. Feel free to continue send your suggestions for inclusion in subsequent updates.

In addition to reducing the size of application, general optimizations and code upgrades, this new update will include:

- Several new videos
- ANCOVA video and written instructions
- An entirely new section on legends 
- How to exclude redundant data between datasets
- More and upgraded visual examples
- Three new quick reference guides: 
        1. Point style guide (all the point styles controlled by pch) 
        2. Line style legend (all the lines styles controlled by lty)
        3. Colour() selector table
- The apply function
- How to calculate lagged-differences
- How to convert data structures (matrix to list, list to data frame... etc)

[EDIT, Aug. 21, 2012]
By request, 
- The new update will disable the mute button functionality -- the volume buttons will control the audio level of the videos.
- A video on importing data (.csv and .txt files)

[EDIT, Aug 23, 2012]
By request, 
- Comparison of the test statistics used in MANOVA. 

I am finalizing the images and some documentation now, I hope to submit this upgrade for Apple's approval very soon. Get your suggestions in quickly.