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Android Reloaded [Update]

posted Nov 18, 2012, 12:45 PM by Shidan Murphy   [ updated Dec 6, 2012, 10:45 PM ]
Good news for those using Android -- the R Instructor team has just finished building an entirely new version of R Instructor. This free update completely overhauls the design of the app and, most importantly, includes the 30 or so videos that are already included with the iTunes version. We're really excited about this release... but give us a few more days to sort out the kinks. 

On to the buzz kill. The new version will not include the search feature or the job search. Give me time, these additional features will be coming out in a subsequent version. 

EDIT: December 6, 2012 (at too late an hour)
The latest and best version of R Instructor for Android is out!!! Enjoy!