1. Does R Instructor work on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad?
Yes. R Instructor has been designed to work on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 5.0 and up. Only one download is required for all of your devices. I am designing some exciting features specifically for tablets that I hope to implement soon -- more later!

2. Is R Instructor available on phones or tablets running Android?
Yes. R Instructor will run on almost all tablets and phones running Android OS version 2.2 and up. 

3. Will the content of R Instructor increase?
Absolutely! My immediate priority is to include multivariate statistics in R Instructor and then expand the scope of the videos. If there's something you want included send me an email, Rinstructor@gmail.com

4. What motivated you to create R Instructor?
I want to re-think how people use technology to learn and collaborate... and I'm passionate about R. Combining those passions led to the R Instructor -- an inexpensive tool that teaches people how to use R using new technology and with multiple sources of media. 

5. Is app. development your full-time job?
No, it's just something I really enjoy. By day I'm a research fellow at Fisheries and Oceans Canada. My passion is science outreach and education, innovation, development of ideas and recognizing patterns in data. If you want to work on something send me an email, Rinstructor@gmail.com

6. When was R Instructor launched   
May 2012.

7. I'd really like to see some features added or existing features modified!
If you see something you want added or isn't quite right send me an email at Rinstructor@gmail.com