Research and Academic Excellence
 Name of Award Granting Institution Competition Level Date Held    
 Strategic program for ecosystem-based research Fisheries and Oceans Canada National 2012
 Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories NSERC National 2012
 Summer Program in Taiwan NSERC National 2010    
 Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship NSERC National 2008 - 2011
 B. Harper Bull Conservation Fellowship Award The Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto Municipal 2008
 Harold Harvey Scholarship in Zoology University of Toronto Institutional 2008
 Frederick P. Ide Graduate Award University of Toronto Institutional 2008
 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Ontario Government Provincial 2007 - 2008
 Canada Graduate Scholarship-M NSERC National 2007 - 2008
 Edna Margaret Robertson Scholarship University of Toronto Institutional 2007 - 2008
 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Ontario Government Provincial 2006 - 2007
 University of Toronto Fellowship University of Toronto Institutional 2006 - 2007
 Continuing Student Scholarship York University Institutional 2005 - 2006
 Entrance Scholarship York University Institutional 2002 - 2003
 Science Entrance Scholarship York University Institutional 2002 - 2003

Leadership and Service Excellence
 Name of Award Granting Institution Competition Level Year Received
 Graduate Student Leadership Award
~ University of Toronto at Mississauga's highest award for leadership
 University of Toronto Institutional     2011
Principal's Involvement Award
~ University of Toronto at Mississauga's highest award for volunteerism
 University of Toronto Institutional 2010
 Nominated: Let's Talk Science Science Coordinator of the Year Award Let's Talk Science National 2010
 Nominated: Let's Talk Science Science Volunteer of the Year Award
 Let's Talk Science National 2007
 Service Award York University Institutional 2005
 Service Award York University Institutional 2004
 Award for Social Justice TCDSB Municipal 2002